Content Management System (CMS)

Content management is a process and/or software application used by groups to plan, create, manage, store and distribute content.  Content can include: web pages, images, documents, streaming media, news releases, etc.  A CMS usually consists of a front-end editor for inputting content and a back end system for storing the content (usually a database).  This content can then be formatted by a template and displayed in a variety of ways.

CMS Objectives

  • Devolve content creation throughout the institution regardless of contributors’ skills
  • Provide security, governance and approval processes over content published on the web
  • Enable the creation, management, and usage of standardised metadata
  • Continue to support a diverse array of existing technology platforms
  • Consolidate the current technology environment wherever possible
  • Improve the quality of Monash web sites through the implementation of standards across presentation, metadata, governance, discovery, and navigation

Content Management System

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